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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your qualifications?

I have more than a way with words; I hold a master’s degree in English, eight years of experience in writing tutoring, six years of teaching experience, five years of officiant experience, and a professional teaching and writing certificate. For more details, review the meet me page or my curriculum vitae.


What do you charge?

On Point offers various services, so clicking “contact us” and sending an inquiry is the best way to determine pricing for your specific needs.


How does COVID-19 affect your services?

It’s typical to complete copyediting and content writing remotely, so there are no changes to that. Tutoring can be done remotely (via Zoom) or face-to-face. In many states (including California), I can officiate ceremonies either remotely or face-to-face.


What is copyediting?

Copyediting is when piece of writing (the “copy”) is reviewed and edited to improve its readability. Editors ensure the style of writing is consistent, organically flows, and checks for SPaG (spelling, punctuation, and grammar).


How does being an officiant fit in with all these other services?

When someone is searching for a wedding officiant, they should hire someone they can easily and effectively communicate with as they are deciding on the intricate details of their ceremony, and beyond that, when the officiant is performing the ceremony, it’ll be a beautiful, memorable experience if it’s conducted by someone far beyond proficient in the English language.


When do we need to book an officiant?

In California, every season is wedding season, so it’s recommended that people book their wedding officiant between nine months to a year in advance.


Is there a deposit required for officiating ceremonies?

For full-scale weddings, we collect a minimum 50% deposit at the time of booking, and the balance 30 days before the wedding date. For elopement ceremonies, we collect full payment once hired for the ceremony.


Am I able to personalize my ceremony? 

Absolutely! Do you want your ceremony to be traditional or casual? Do you want a romantic tearjerker or a humorous recollection of the life you and your partner have built together? Do you want all of the above? It’s no problem at all. We can work together to make the ceremony exactly as you envision it.


Do you, the officiant, obtain the marriage license? 

No. In California, both parties to the marriage (you and your fiancé[e]) must appear in person to apply in order to get a marriage license in California. For more information on this process, visit your local County Clerk office website.


Are any discounts available?

Yes! There is a first-time customer discount as well as a military discount.

We’d love to do business with you. Let’s connect and make your writing and discourse on point!