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Christina Kennedy M. A.

Hi, I’m Christina. Most people call me Tina, but my former and current students affectionately refer to me as Prof K.

I am a Southern California resident offering a variety of writing and discourse services. After earning my associate’s degree in Theatre Arts, I transferred to CSU San Marcos, where I earned a bachelor’s degree in Literature & Writing Studies with an emphasis in literary analysis and a French minor. From there, I transferred to CSU Fullerton and earned my master’s degree in English with emphases in essay composition and pedagogy. I have been teaching English courses since my final semester of graduate school, and I specialize in teaching and tutoring remedial and college-level composition and critical thinking courses. I’ve been nominated for the Distinguished Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching many times while teaching at Palomar College, and I’m also an author of an eBook published by Kendall Hunt titled Essentials of Modern Composition.

As a college professor, my goal has always been to encourage students’ critical thinking and their appreciation for the ways in which the English language can be empowering, inspiring, and beautiful. I genuinely love what I do, but I’ve realized I can share my love for the English language with a larger population besides students based on the talents I already possess. Thus, On Point was founded in 2020.

When not working, I can be found learning Spanish or re-learning French via Duolingo, hiking local trails, enjoying one of the books from my infinite pile of unread books, getting stuck on the couch with a cat on my lap while I watch The Witcher (again), or sitting on my back patio with my husband, a glass of Sangiovese, and listening to playlists like “90s Alternative and Grunge.”

We’d love to do business with you. Let’s connect and make your writing and discourse on point!